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Welcome to, where you can research hyperbaric oxygen treatment (sometimes referred to as hyperbaric oxygen therapy or abbreviated HBOT). The Hyperbaric Answers website was carefully produced under the supervision of Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel to continue the tradition of Richard Neubauer who continuously embraced opportunities to share knowledge with a wide audience, including patients, physicians, technicians, the media and those simply curious about hyperbaric oxygen treatment as a modern day solution to many ailments.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a medicine and therapy process that can provide real benefits to improve your quality of life or help you quickly resume the quality of life you once enjoyed. The therapy process can also reduce hospital costs for patients and insurance companies.

You are always well attended while in the hyperbaric chamber

You are always well attended while in the hyperbaric chamber

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)…

We encourage you to use this website and discover the realities of how hyperbaric oxygen treatment can benefit you or someone you love. In the Hyperbaric Answers website you will learn about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the treatment process and the ailments it is often used to remedy. The website also includes stories from patients, to provide you a first-hand account of how hyperbaric oxygen treatment has dramatically changed lives for the better.

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