Autism, ADD, ADHD

Medical Conditions Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

The cause of Autism is still unknown, so there is no sure way of stating why Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) is showing positive results as a affective treatment for autism. Some medical professionals seem to believe that autism is caused from lack of oxygen supplied to the brain, high fever or infection early in life, while others feel some kind of brain trauma at birth, chemical or mercury poisoning, or even low blood flow to the brain is the culprit. Any of these reasons could explain why HBOT should be considered as a possible treatment for Autism.

HBOT can be useful in the treatment of Autism because these linked causes respond positively to treatments of 100% oxygen under increase atmospheric conditions which is the science of Hyperbaric Oxygen. HBOT can supply the oxygen to the brain that may be lacking and causing the condition. The increase in blood and oxygen in the brain can stimulate the brain tissue that is damaged and help the brain return to normal functioning capacity.

One study done with several children who have autism showed that there was a significant drop in aggression, which included rage and tantrums. There was also an increase in direct eye contact and better understanding of verbal commands and reasoning abilities among the children completing HBOT. Although, no cure for autism can be claimed by any of the numerous treatments solutions being considered by health professions for this increasingly common ailment that devastates lives; HBOT should be an option you consider if you care for someone with Autism.

Please consider discussing with Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel the difference Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can make in the life of someone you know and love who suffers from Autism.

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