Medical Conditions Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Brain trauma tends to lead to brain swelling which can then lead to much bigger problems. It is thought that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) can break this cycle by providing more oxygen to the body. HBOT can do this because it forces oxygen into the blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid which don’t normally carry oxygen, thus getting oxygen to parts of the brain that the red blood cells (which normally carry the oxygen) cannot get to. This is how HBOT breaks the cycle of brain swelling and may limit further complications associated with brain ailments.

Another common interruption that occurs in head trauma cases is with the blood-brain barrier, a defensive group of cells around the brain that keep toxins from entering. Often after trauma these cells are disrupted and unable to do their job, but with the extra oxygen supplied from HBOT, a boost is given and it stabilizes the inactive cells so they can go back to protecting the brain. Normal doses of oxygen are inefficient in providing any helping properties, but HBOT can aid in this deficiency. There have been many times that HBOT treatment can bring a patient back to consciousness. There have also been cases where patients have recovered from brain damage that resulted in paralysis and speech loss when being treated with HBOT.

Some studies have shown that if treatment is started immediately after injury that the HBOT can reduce mortality rates by 40% as well as increasing the odds of a full recovery. There have been several studies that have shown HBOT to help relieve cluster and migraine headaches. It’s believed that HBOT reduces the severity and regularity of these headaches.

If you, or someone you love, suffers from ailments of the brain, including trauma, cluster headaches or migraine headaches then you should consider the possibility of Hyperbaric Oxygen as a treatment. Contact Hyperbaric Answers today.

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For brain ailments timing is crucial, get more information immediately and don’t be afraid to keep considering help even after other treatments of other medications have yielded no results.

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