Medical Conditions Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Research with automobile injury patients suggests that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can greatly diminish swelling in many automobile related accidents.

Severe crush injuries like those often suffered as a result of car accidents, as well as falls, sports, recreation and gunshot wounds, have a high rate of complication from infection. These types of injuries all too often can lead to non-healing fractures and amputation. Statistics show that there is a 50% chance of complication with injuries from automobile accidents. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) shows great promise in reducing such complications when used in addition to orthopedic surgery and antibiotics. HBOT distributes oxygen to the injured tissue thereby reducing swelling and chances of infection, as well as supporting quicker healing. HBOT makes possible the dissolving of oxygen into the blood and all other body tissues at up to 20 times the normal level.

In one recent study of limb threatening traumas, HBOT drastically improved wound healing, reduced the number of surgical procedures needed, and reduced the number of amputations needed.

If you or someone you care for has suffered a recent injury due to an automobile accident then contact a Hyperbaric Answers representative today to discuss HBOT treatment. If you live in Southern California then he will schedule an appointment for you to meet Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel. If you live outside Southern California, then we will refer you to a quality treatment center in your area.

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