Medical Conditions Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

If you have difficult wounds that are not responding to medical treatments then you may want to discuss with a physician the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. These difficult wounds can range from diabetic feet, compromised amputation sites, non-healing traumatic wounds, and vascular insufficiency ulcers (ulcers with poor circulation). All these wounds have a common thread of low oxygen levels. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) which combines above normal atmospheric pressure with pure oxygen in an enclosed chamber makes oxygen dissolve into the blood and all other body tissues at up to 20 times the normal level.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments provides highly concentrated levels of oxygen in a controlled setting where oxygen in the blood and tissues is increased to support the healing of difficult wounds. Oxygen plays an important role in fighting infections, which is a major complication with slow healing wounds. Slow healing wounds are very susceptible to infections. When fighting to heal itself, the body uses 20 times more oxygen than when it is healthy. The extra oxygen provided by the HBOT is not only readily available, but it is provided so that the body does not have to divert any of its energy from the crisis of repairing itself while being given. When hyperbaric treatments are used along side standard wound care the healing results can have even greater results.

If you have wounds that are healing slowly, or your are just curious about how you can expedite the healing process of wounds then contact a Hyperbaric Answers representative today. If you live in Southern California he will schedule an appointment for you to meet Dr. Jolly-Gabriel at one of the clinics he practices HBOT. If you live outside Southern California, then we will refer you to a quality treatment center in your area. Take this first step of shortening your healing process today, contact us.

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