Medical Conditions Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Infections, ulcers and bed sores (Decubiti) tend to thrive in low oxygen conditions, thus resulting in lower white blood cells available to fight off the illness and prolonged problems. The most common method of treatment prescribed is an antibiotic. However, this may not be the only treatment you should be considering. The high oxygen level environment created by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) is a huge asset in healing these types of ailments. When a patient is treated with the HOBT, their oxygen enriched tissue is then able (along with the antibiotic treatment) to fight off these types of infections and bring the patient back to normal health conditions.

In a recent study it was thought that the HBOT is actually lifesaving, as well as cost effective in combating infections, ulcers and bed sores. It also showed that the oxygen enriched environment the HBOT creates can promote white blood cells to fight bacteria at an even greater level than without HBOT.

If you have infections, ulcers or bed sores that and are interested in learning how you can expedite the healing process then contact a Hyperbaric Answers representative today. He would happily discuss options with you and if you decide to seek help then he will place you in contact with a HBOT clinic that can help you.

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