Dr. Jolly-Gabriel has seen some of his autistic children patients have dramatic improvements in their quality of life. The benefits have been especially evident in the improvement of the patients’ social communication abilities. The varying degrees of success indicate additional research is required before a definitive answer can be given as to how hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps those with autism.

Dr. Jolly’s findings are further validated by research from BMC Pediatrics article published March 13, 2009. BMC Pediatrics preformed a randomized, double-blind controlled study of 62 children. They found that the autistic children (ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old) who received 40 hours of treatment over a month were less irritable, more responsive when people spoke to them and made more eye contact than kids who didn’t receive it. Dan Rossignol, Co-author of the study and a family physician at the International Child Development Resource Center in Melbourne, Fla., which treats children with developmental disorders, expresses that they are not clear why the treatment helped. “The pressure may reduce inflammation believed to restrict blood flow to regions of autistic children’s brains that control speech, or improve its ability to absorb oxygen”, he told ScientificAmerican.com in an interview published March 13, 2009.

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