Whether insurance will cover all or some of your costs depends on the reason for your treatment; please contact us directly so we may advise you based on your unique situation. However, the proceeding will offer you some immediate insight regarding your question about insurance coverage.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is classified as experimental by medical insurance companies, as many of the uses are still considered not formally approved by the FDA. It is common for a medical insurance company to refuse payment on those treatments deemed experimental and not formally approved. This denial of payment is not based on actual results, testimonies from numerous patients or the volumes of published scientific documents about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is solely based on classification. Therefore if the treatment you need is not considered experimental, then you are likely covered. If it is considered experimental then contact us to discuss a payment plan. DO NOT make an assumption about what is considered experimental, and what isn’t… discuss it with our team who is ready to help. contact us online using the form below or call (949)328-HBOT (4268)

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