Answers from Doctor Donald Jolly-Gabriel

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) sounds very technical and complicated, but when broken down simply means oxygen administered at an increased pressure. With every breath, the average person living on earth breathes in oxygen at 20% with about 15 lbs of pressure per square inch. This pressure is measured at what is called atmospheric absolute or ATA. So the 15 pounds of pressure exerted onto the average person breathing in 20% oxygen is considered 1 ATA. In a HBOT the pressure is increased up to 2 ATA, and oxygen is administered at 100%. These increases make it so that oxygen is dissolved into the body’s blood plasma at a rate of 10 times that could naturally occur on earth.

HBOT was first used among scuba divers for decompression sickness. It was then used for air embolism, and carbon monoxide poisoning. In recent years HBOT has also been used to:

  • Aid in the development of new blood vessels where proper circulation was lacking
  • Increase oxygen absorption when blood flow is diminished or blocked
  • Help white blood cells fight off infections
  • Provide an increase of antioxidants and other free radical fighters in the body
  • Aid in the dilation of arteries so that oxygen starved organs can access vital nutrients

HBOT has been gaining recognition as a treatment of many life long ailments such as stroke, diabetic ulcers, problem wounds, cerebral palsy, brain injury, autism, ADD/ADHD, car or sports related injuries, burns and skin grafts, and infections.

HBOT is administered in either a single person chamber or multiple person chamber where the patient will inhale pure oxygen while higher than atmospheric pressure is exerted on the patient. This process is not painful and lasts roughly 1 hour per treatment. The patient is free to read, watch a movie, listen to music, or sleep while receiving treatment. A trained technician is near by at all times, monitoring the patients. In order to go through the HBOT treatments one must obtain a prescription from a doctor before hand.

Please read about the numerous conditions that are treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen:

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