Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel, the physician responsible of overseeing the content of this website has recorded strong results with stroke patients he has treated through hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel would highly encourage anyone who has suffered from a stroke to immediately consider the possibility of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). The more time that passes between the stroke and start of HBOT, the more likely the benefits will be either diminished or more treatments will be required over a longer duration of time.

Each patient is unique and physicians cannot guarantee hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help each individual stroke victims. You should personally talk to a physician knowledgeable on the benefits of administering oxygen under pressure either directly, or through patients they have previously referred. Contact Dr. Donald Jolly at (949)328-HBOT (4268) to discuss your situation. If he believes treatment could help you, then he can refer you to a clinic in your area, or help you directly if you live in the Southern California area.

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