The cost of a single hyperbaric oxygen therapy can vary between $150 for a single treatment at a HBOT clinic, to over a thousand dollars for a treatment at a large medical hospital. However, the total cost you will incur will vary greatly, based on the number of treatments you require. This can only be determined through a consultation. The number of treatments will vary based on the condition being treated. If it is an event related condition (i.e. stroke, automobile injury, sports injury) the amount of time elapsed since the event occurred will factor into the number of treatments you need. Because overall health condition, age and severity of problem varies from person to person, this will affect the total number of treatments required for optimal effects.

Please contact a physician who has experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy if you are weighing the costs of therapy against the potential benefits. Immediate contact is advised since delaying treatments can increase number of treatments required and may greatly increase your cost. If you don’t know a physician in your area, then please contact Dr. Donald Jolly-Gabriel‘s staff at (949)328-HBOT (4268) of online through our contact form, they will help you determine the cost compared to benefits and the best place for you to get treatment.

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