Unfortunately, few physicians have hyperbaric oxygen training or even access to training. Less than 400 HBOT centers exist in the US and only about 20 US medical schools have facilities. Too often the lack of training leads to lack of prescriptions for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Oxygen, cannot be sold to you as a patented, designer brand name drug. The marketing for hyperbaric oxygen is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) like any other drug your doctor may prescribe. FDA standards require medical research studies that typically cost tens of millions of dollars just to promote the benefits of a drug for a specific ailment. The cost of a single study for a drug that cannot be offered through patents makes FDA approval cost prohibitive.

Many medical insurances companies refuse to pay for treatment. Medical companies typically classify any treatment not formally approved by the FDA as experimental. An “experimental” classification by FDA often leads to denial of payment for treatments by medical insurance companies. They deny payment, regardless of the numerous testimonies of countless patients who enjoy high quality of life after hyperbaric oxygen treatment likely saving thousands of dollars in future medical costs. They deny payment despite the tens of thousands of published scientific papers about HBOT and its benefits.

PLEASE DO NOT make an assumption about what is considered experimental, and what isn’t… discuss it with our team who is ready to help. contact us online or call (949)328-HBOT (4268).

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