Medical Conditions Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Are you an athlete who recently suffered an injury keeping you out of the heat of competition? Does a recent sports injury have you not performing at the top of your game? Research by Dr. Jolly-Gabriel has suggested that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) can diminish swelling in many sport related accidents, which can greatly reduce your recuperation time. Many NFL, NHL, NBA teams use HBOT in order to get their athletes healthy quicker, and back in the game at peak performance levels. Ever wonder how a football player can break a leg and be playing one month later?

HBOT makes possible the dissolving of oxygen into the blood and all other body tissues at up to 20 times the normal level. An athlete placed into a HBOT chamber can be immersed by atmospheric pressure that is as much as three times normal while being given 100% oxygen. The increase in atmospheric pressure is the key to why HBOT yields results and simply breathing oxygen through a mask will not. Your body’s ability to absorb the higher levels of oxygen and distribute it to the injured tissue can reduce swelling, chances of infection and support a quicker healing process.

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